Fine Art Paintings by New Mexico Artist Jeri Desrochers
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B.F.F. Project - Books for Furever Friends

changing attitudes, saving lives

Las Cruces artist Jeri Desrochers wanted to make a long-term impact on our community problems of pet overpopulation and neglect. "I felt that the best way to make a lasting improvement was to reach out to children in our area, educating them about animal welfare and compassion. I remember the impact that books like Black Beauty had on my ideas about animal care, and felt that this was a great way to convey this message and encourage reading." Desrochers' learned that organizations like the Critter Connection through the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico were already doing outreach to the schools and youth organizations, but often did not have the resources to place books in the school libraries and classrooms for ongoing use. The B.F.F Project was launched in August of 2015 to provide humane education books for use by local animal groups in thier outreach efforts. The first set of 16 books was delivered to Jean Gilbert, Humane Educator and coordinator of Critter Connections for use in the Fall 2015 semester at area grade schools. Jeri Desrochers has donated over 80 of these inspiring books to our local outreach volunteers from her own funds and launched B.F.F. to inspire others to help.

Jeri with Jean Gilbert, Humane Education Coordinator with HSSNM

"The Humane Society of Southern NM is delighted to be the recipient of books from B.F.F. Project. The donations of books will certainly drive the program this year, the focus and frequency of humane education presentations with engagements almost daily in the schools! It's thrilling to be able to introduce these books on a variety of pet care and animal welfare topics with presentations in the elementary school classrooms (Las Cruces Public & Gadsden Independent School Districts) for circulation through the school libraries."

Jean Gilbert, Humane Educator with Humane Society of Southern New Mexico

Spreading Compassion through Humane Education

What is humane education? "the use of education to nurture compassion and respect for living things" (Wikipedia) "Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relation with each other. Character training along these lines in youth will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding - in every respect more valuable citizens."

1993 United States National Parent-Teacher Association Congress